Underwater Ocbservatory and Glassboat

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※Please note that the glass-bottom boat tour may be cancelled depending on weather and sea conditions.

Welcome to the observation points in Busena Underwater Park!

Colorful tropical fish and other marine life are living in the beautiful crystal blue sea surrounding the underwater observatory tower.

View In the Sea

The only underwater observatory tower in Okinawa island, It is located 170 meters away from the shore near Busena Cape. This underwater observatory tower allows you to view 360 degrees of coral reef with all the colorful coral fish swimming around at 5 meters depth.

Sailing out to the coral reef with our glass bottom boat, you will see gorgeous coral reefs and all the colorful coral fishes swimming cheerfully as they await your arrival.


The glass bottom boat ride is what everybody is looking forward to, where you will see the friendly coral fish swim toward to the bottom of the glass bottom boat.


We have chosen a few of the FAQs that people have asked us in the past.

If you read them, all of your worries will be instantly solved!!

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Is there a parking lot?
Is there a fee for using it?
There is a large parking space for 200 cars and is free for all visitors. Please inform the security guard that you are here for the Busena Marine park.
Are reservations necessary?
Reservations are recommended for groups of 10 people or more.
What payment methods are accepted?
Only Japanese yen cash is accepted.

Access Map of Busena UnderWater Park

■By car:
・About 60km–90 minutes–using National Highway #58 from Naha Airport
・About 75 minutes from Naha I.C. to Kyoda I.C. using the Okinawa Expressway, about 75 minutes
206 442 075
■By Bus (Public transportation) :
・#120: from Naha Airport to “Busena Resort Mae” bus stop
・#20: from Naha Bus Terminal to “Busena Resort Mae”bus stop
■By Airport Limousine bus:
・from Naha Airport to “Busena Terrace”

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Busena Marine Park Shuttle Bus service is available for every 20 minutes,
maximum capacity 25 people for each trip.

From Beach house to Underwater observatory tower. 00,20,40 minutes.
From Underwater observatory tower to Beach house. 05,25,45 minutes.

■FIRST BUS from Beach house at 9:00

■FINAL Admission for Observatory tower:


■LAST Departure for Glass-bottom Boat


■LAST BUS from Observatory tower at


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